Reasons Why People are Bullied And How To Deal With Bullies

Bullying, one of the biggest menace to society and have been transformed in this digital world. Bullying can be experienced by anybody irrespective of their age, gender, nationality and sex. Whether a man or women bullied at work or a kid bullied in school or a senior citizen walking in the park being bullied; the trend of bullying, cyber bullying, the number of bullies and the affectees are increasing day by day. Types of bullying are verbal, social, physical, setting in person, setting in online, direct, indirect, overt, covert and psychological (very common). Bullying can be happened at anywhere. You may not be alone, there are millions of peoples around the globe being bullied every year. Here are common reasons why you are bullied and how to deal with that.

You Are Good and You Have Got Some Specialty

Be careful who you bully, she or he might be the future’s or next superstar, entrepreneur, your future employer or the company’s CEO. You have got something very special, you might be beautiful, very well educated, talented, highly qualified or something hidden which you have not yet explored or realized but the bullies are feeling insecure about that, being jealous and unable to compete with you hence using dirty tactics through bullying you individually, in group or through other means. Either they are unable to realize your hidden talent or feeling insecure about that. Ever wondered about celebrities, superstars, rich entrepreneurs ? Have they never faced bullies? they also faced biggest bullies, several still facing bullies yet the way of dealing with them have been changed. They faced and become successful in their lives and role-models for millions.

You Are Bullying Your-self

The moment you loose your confidence or the moment you start thinking negative about you, degrading yourself, cursing yourself or your family and being unthankful, you have decided that you are going to be bullied by others because you have already done that with yourself. Several people in this world specially teenagers when they get bullied start believing that they are the only one in this world who lack everything and have nothing special and start degrading themselves hence making the bullies successful in their bad intentions.

Physical Interest

There are several real examples when bullies are unable to get physical favor from some opposite gender then they start bullying her / him. Such examples are very common in schools, colleges, universities where if a boy who want to have physical relationship with a girl but the girl is not interested and willing then sometimes some boys bully her psychologically and verbally by saying ugly, ugly and along-with other colleagues including girls and boys start harassing her, bullying her so that anyhow she gets trapped and feel degraded about herself and compelled to have physical relationship with her. Such things happen in promo night

Bad Habbits

Bad habits like starting drinking, smoking, bad friendships and taking drugs make you week and more vulnerable to loose your confidence and get bullied by others because such bad habits and your reactions will make the bullies more powerful and active to bully you.

How Affected Vulnerable Peoples Take Bullies

Several affectees take bullies so seriously and negatively that after getting trapped and brain-washed they start degrading themselves, adopt bad friendships / gathering, let themselves become prone of their physical sensation, drugs, smoking, bad activities. Several affectees start ruining their family, personal and work lives; misbehaving with their parents and siblings, cursing them and blaming them for being bullied. Other affectees unwillingly become gangsters due to in-security, show-off or to look cool and strong. Getting tattoos painted on their body and expressing their in-security and feelings are also some common post effects.

How To Cope With Bullying

Let me first share with you real life practical examples for your motivation, satisfaction the successful vulnerable bullied superstars, participants who got chance to performs in-front of millions world-wide and liked by millions of peoples around the world. Those girls or boys who were bullied about their beauty, talent or any other reasons got so much love, success and applause by millions of peoples that one cannot even imagine about that. Just type britain’s got talent bullied bullied superstars bullied celebrities in YouTube search bar and you will get hundreds of videos of those once vulnerable bullied superstars, celebrities but now happily, successfully spending their life with full freedom and motivation.

Ignore Them

Let’s bullying don’t be menace to society. The most important thing you have to do is using your both ears listen from one ear and let words of bullies get out of your second ear, ignore that in short. If you can’t deal in that situation you may ignore. Avoid thinking about those bullying situation and those bullies. No need to think on those words or what some bully did with you. You may also contact and report to the department or team in your school, workplace, city etc who is dealing with such cases.

Learn Some Skills, Educate Your-self

Instead of spending time alone and cursing yourself and ruining your energies and skills, take out most of your time and learn some skills no matter how skilled, talented you believe you are; educate yourself, learn online, start reading articles, keep practicing those skills, start teaching online, sharing and monetizing your expertise with others can bring more blessings and happiness in your life.

Make Some Good Friends

Don’t worry about the number of friends you have, just keep those friends who are loyal, sincere with you, even one friend is more than sufficient for you and better than tens of so-called friends who are not loyal with you or not favorable for you. If one friend can bring positive vibes for you and you feel comfortable in his or her presence that’s perfectly great for you. Never chase for big list of friends.

Focus On Your Career And Life Goals

Make a goal of your life and work on that target, keep working, keep yourself busy. Stop getting trapped by the negative past and vibes. Celebrate your success.

Voluntary Services

Try to join some voluntary services, charity organizations. Spend some time with kids, senior citizens, special peoples who require special attention. Just keep changing your environments for positivity and better vibes, help those who need your help. You won’t believe how your little help and little time can bring change in the lives of several peoples.

Become Role-Model For Others

There are thousands of affectees of bullies in your community, city, country and millions in this whole world. Achieve your life goals with full success and become role model for these children, community and those millions of affectees. Nowadays, reaching to millions of peoples is not difficult. Share your bravery no matter you are kid, man or woman or senior citizen, come forward, come online and share your success stories. You may gather several other affectees who are successful in their lives but once they were affectees of bullies as well.

YouTube Channel or Blog on Bullies and Successful Affectees

Create a WordPress blog, YouTube channel and start interviewing successful affectees who were affected by bullies but now successful entrepreneurs, superstars, celebrities, CEOs or very much happy, independent and successful in their lives. Start sharing their stories after their permissions or let them share their stories that how they were bullied, how they survived and what did they do to cope with bullies and what those bullies feel about them when they meet them now or when they see them.

Never Think You Are Alone, Be Thankful

Stop believing that you lack anything, be thankful to God always. Avoiding thinking that you are the only affected, there are millions who suffer on daily basis world-wide but never dishearten and become successful in their lives.

Make Bullies Your Biggest Motivation

Based on real life experiences and examples from peoples, I have seen several peoples who were bullied in schools, workplace, residential societies from colleagues, friends, co-workers, neighbors but never let themselves down and felt miserable, they never get disherted in-fact made bullies their biggest motivation and worked hard, smartly

Watch Comedy and Similar Motivational Stories

Comedy, a best medicines for health. Try to laugh and bring smile and happiness in your life. Watch comedy videos, comedians, several motivational stories of successful peoples who faced bullying and become successful. Get motivation from them and try to adopt positive things in your life.

Stop Comparing With Others

The more you compare before and after getting bullied the more you will be ruining your life and playing with yourself dangerously so better to stop comparing your life with others because you may be unaware about the insights.

Life is not always same, so that you. Never think that once you bullied will make you bullied forever. Bullying is just connecting dots to make your successful. Now its up-to you how you connect those connecting dots whether towards bravery, success, happiness, healthy and wealthy life or towards cowardliness, drug addiction, dishearten, angry, cursing, dis-satisfactory life full of complaints.