Modern Debate On Creating Content Blogging vs Vlogging

A blog consists of text content such as articles, stories, and topics in written form whereas a vlog is video content such as YouTube videos, etc.

There is a debate that you can make more money from vlogs than a blog. That may not be true for everyone. It all depends on the skills you use and apply, the efforts you take to make it better and the marketing you do to bring it in front of the world.

Who Prefer Blogging?

  • People with good writing skills
  • Beginners who find blogging a convenient approach to making money online
  • People who silently show their work, communicate their voice, and skills, help and provide services to the world
  • People who are shy in front of the camera
  • People who avoid talking too much on camera
  • People who do not want to spend too much money on video cameras, video camera tripods, expensive mics, multiple screens, furniture, audio-video devices
  • People who prefer taking their laptop anywhere and start writing while on their sofa, coffee shop, train, or beach
  • People with silent nature
  • People who may not be shown off nature-wise
  • People who avoid taking headaches and pain from holding video recording tripods, conscious about scenes, outlook, etc while walking, video recording.
  • People with throat, or voice problems

Who prefers Vlogging?

  • People who have good speaking skills
  • People who have show-off nature. Several vloggers brag, show off a lot
  • People who find writing articles boring
  • People who have good acting skills
  • People who are comfortable in front of a camera

Myths of Blogging Is Dead and Completely Waste Of Time

Several people believe that after so much modernization, comfort, modern technologies and a short time writing and reading blogs are a complete waste of time in-short blogging is completely dead. That’s not true at all. Still, millions of people who travel by trams, trains, buses, and air prefer reading silently. Several people search on google and get blogs as results. Articles and blogs are better searchable both by the public and google. At a glance, you can extract and see what an article consists whether it has what you want or not. Whereas in the video it is hard to quickly find and extract that the video consists of what you need, why you clicked that video thumbnail or it is just clickbait.

Some Mythically Boasted Statements About Blogging And Vlogging:

  • Blogging is dead
  • There is nothing like vlogging to make money online
  • There are more millionaire YouTubers than bloggers
  • Start making thousands of dollars on making one YouTube video
  • People don’t have time to read boring, lengthy, hundreds of characters of article
  • The time is fast, everybody needs quick content, and blogs are not suitable for that

Several researchers and students do find articles, and blogs more helpful than videos. Several travelers find article reading more soothing, and relaxed meanwhile listening to soothing, music.

Which One is Better Blogging Or Vlogging?

I think there is nothing like better in blogging or vlogging it will not be justified if blogging is given preference over vlogging or vice-versa. They both have their importance, huge audiences, mediums, comfort, devices, and convenience. It’s just upon the preference of an individual who prefers which type of content blog, audio, or video. Both blogging and vlogging require effort, passion, and time if created seriously and interestingly.