60+ Addictive Fresh Content Ideas for Your Blog in 2023

If you are looking for fresh content ideas for your blog or fresh content ideas for your YouTube videos, you have come to the best blog article. This article can be very helpful for you even if you are just starting your blog. Whether you make a single article combining multiple ideas or a single article based on a single idea, it is totally up to you, the sky is the limit.

Ideas mentioned in this blog post can help keep your readers addicted and engaged to your blog, not only engaged but they will encourage your blog visitors to share with others on social media with their friends and family members.

Being a blogger, providing real value to your readers should be your top priority. The specialty of these ideas is to produce value for your blog visitors. The more you produce value through your blog content or YouTube videos to your readers and viewers respectively, the more traffic you can generate on your blog or YouTube videos. Whether you are new to the world of blogging, a service provider selling through blogging, or just a beginner learning how to write a blog or already have a successful blog, these ideas will suit everyone in the blogging industry and you are no more short of content ideas for your blog. You can also try writing articles on medium or hire some experts who can write for you.

60+ Fresh Content Ideas For Blog

  1. Get a list of Shopify e-commerce stores related to your blog niche. Create blog posts about the best stores, best-selling products, best offers, deals, coupons, and jobs Shopify merchants offer in your niche. If some e-commerce stores offer affiliate programs like affiliate programs by Shopify stores of women, makeup, beauty, fashion, handbags, etc, you can sign-up for that or you can guide or write articles on that. You can also guide how your readers can become an affiliate of Shopify stores. There is a variety of job/career offers on Shopify stores, and you can create curated job listings for your readers.

  2. Jobs listings, the evergreen niche. Get weekly ready-made fresh curated job listings niche-specific such as nursing jobs, management jobs, HR jobs, software engineer jobs, jobs for programmers, etc. Let’s say, if you have a nursing blog, you can get ready-made fresh updated job listings of nurse jobs, etc, and share them with your readers. You can also curate your niche-related companies’ career links. Let’s say you have a programming-related blog, you can get the software companies’ career links related to programming, and software engineering. Similarly, you can create category-specific such as HR companies, Management companies, and real estate companies’ career links. If your niche is related to schools, and education then you can create a curated list of schools’ career links. You can get the list of schools in the US and schools in the UK. Get companies or services providers list in your niche.

  3. Curate and add part-time or full-time startup ideas, website ideas, and micro-niche ideas specific to your blog niche. You can read directory listing ideas, blogging ideas, and startup ideas and share them with your blog visitors on social media.

  4. Become a LiveChat affiliate and make money setting up and recommending the benefits/installation of LiveChat on the website. If you are a member of network associations, societies, clubs, groups or you are having good client chain of network association members, etc LiveChat affiliate program is best affiliate program for bloggers and digital marketing agencies. Let’s say you are a real estate blogger or e-commerce expert or e-commerce blogger, you can provide LiveChat installation services or guide your readers including real estate companies, agencies, and Shopify e-commerce store merchants the benefits of LiveChat. Hence, making money through affiliate commission and installation services fees.

  5. Curate and share your blog niche-specific motivational speeches, and success stories; country-wise, industry-wise, etc.

  6. If you are a female blogger and whether your blog niche is female-specific or not, you can always highlight the female success stories in your niche, industries, important women roles, key women players, women personalities, etc. Research women personalities around the world, from different countries, and highlight success stories of women around the globe but must be related to your blog niche. Best women motivation. This idea is neither promoting racism nor discrimination.

  7. Share video editing, and photo editing, using ready-made different themes, and videos related to your niche. If you have an HR/career-related blog or any other corporate department-related niche, you can give reviews, and share PowerPoint templates, web templates, and template videos. If you are an affiliate of software or any services, add their benefits.

  8. If your niche is related to NGOs, schools, and education then curate the content of legitimate offers, coupons, and discount links specifically related to your blog niche. Software discounts, SAAS discounts, web services discounts, events discounts, memberships, etc can be good examples.

  9. Get the curated list of software or SAAS lists and write about software, hardware, machines, and SAAS related to your blog niche. Basic mini-tutorials for beginners can be a good example. If you could become an affiliate of SAAS or services or software that can be great. If you can’t write articles or you think there are so many tutorials already available on Youtube/internet then why not curate topics’ specific links and share them with your readers to help them grow their knowledge? You can also create tutorials in different languages.

  10. Give awareness to your readers on how they can grow in their niche/industry by being smart and with some knowledge of tech and twists. Encourage them and give ideas on how they can think and perform out of the box. Nowadays if you have talent and you know the twists to share your talent with the world or the way you share your talent with the world, you can get viral like a famous dancing ice cream seller, or a famous painter painting in trains/tubes.

  11. Write about different terms, meanings, trends, evolution, productivity, and automation ideas in your industry, or niche. Write what changes, automation, and development happening in your industry day by day and how people are responding to those changes country-wise in your industry. Examples can be how the farming industry peoples attract to automated tools or if you have a textile-related blog you can write about how textile factories are using automation, and robots and increasing productivity.  

  12. Create a curated directory listing of the best books, service providers, freelancers, and companies related to your blog niche. Get a list of services providing companies. You can charge for a premium listing.

  13. Write about the schemes and different opportunities offered by the government, NGOs, organizations, or companies related to your niche. You can also write about the success stories. Let’s say internship opportunities, traineeships, scholarships, interest-free loans for businesses, etc.

  14. Curate and share your niche-specific research, R&D, systems, success stories, growth, progress around the world, location specific. Let’s say you have an education-related blog you can research and share about different education systems around the world country-specific. Reference links of the original content creator must be mentioned.

  15. Podcasts and interviews are always great ways to get more traffic on your blog and Youtube. Research big or random names or players in your niche, contact them and then conduct interviews. Better if readers are informed before and asked to contribute and send questions about what they would like to know. Let’s say you have a women’s beauty, fashion-related blog, you can research women salon owners, and beauticians and conduct interviews about their business, success stories, struggles, etc. Best for motivation and attractive if multilingual and with variety in the form of personalities from different countries.

  16. Research and write with variety. Let’s say you have a blog on dresses or fashion, research and write or curate about the different varieties of fashion or dresses location-wise, community-wise, events-specific, etc.  

  17. Write about gamification ideas in your niche. Let’s say gamification in the HR industry to improve employees’ productivity or gamification in the sales industry to increase sales.

  18. If you belong to the non-tech industry but are successful in implementing blogs, video editing, photo editing, digital marketing, etc then provide the consultation, and create tutorials on how you implemented and what you did. Through affiliate marketing, you can make additional income. Like if you are a construction industry professional and implemented LiveChat on your website and got a massive spike in the conversion of website visitors into customers then why not become a LiveChat partner and offer LiveChat installation services to fellow professionals or recommend/setup website hosting for your fellow professional, through that you will get commission and service charges as well.

  19. Curate documentaries related to your blog niche, etc. Make sure to mention the reference to the original content creator.  

  20. Also add tours of different countries, references, and importance related to your niche. Let’s say you have architect related blog in Nigeria you can curate and share architect design patterns/ standards videos or documentaries related to architecture in different countries in the world. Make sure to add references to the original content creator. Do not think that it’s irrelevant or what your readers have to do with architectural design in any other part of the world. Nowadays the world is very much connected, a global village, and people are exploring things all around the world anything which amuses them.

  21. Create positive hybrid content such as content based on different countries, different communities, different ethnicities, etc. No negative content, please. Internet users around the world love to read and watch more and more positive content. Users love it if someone from another country or community praises them, their country, their community, etc. Let’s spread positive vibes. If you are a fashion blogger from a specific country but you are discussing positively the fashion of any other country or community, you can generate lots of traffic on your blog and get good social media shares. If you want to increase your visitors/readers’ reach in different countries around the world, start creating positive content related to your niche and that country. The best idea is to make them feel connected with you.

  22. Research, curate or write about systems, laws, and rules around the world and country-wise related to your niche. Let’s say someone wants to adopt a puppy dog, what laws/rules does he/she has to follow in California or elsewhere in the world? The best idea is updated information curated and shared for knowledge, and awareness of what’s happening around the world in your niche. Make sure to add references to the original content creator/website.

  23. No matter how much big money someone making, getting something at a good price would be loved by anyone. Share knowledge about how people and companies in your niche and industry can spend less and get more and remain productive if a company of your niche wants a website, guide them to a freelance platform through an affiliate link where they can get quality work at a good price instead of some local expensive service provider. Step-by-step tutorials would be great.

  24. Your readers or visitors might love free stuff or cheap price. Curate legitimate ways and links offered by companies, and providers and share; such as free and trial versions offers, software offers, SAAS offers, services, coupons, and vouchers related to your niche and industry.  

  25. Add the flavor of volunteerism, charity, and real motivational stories related to your niche in your content.

  26. Write about a comparison between manual and automated ways in different things related to your blog niche. Such as what was happening manually before and how’s happening nowadays through automated ways in your niche around the world.

  27. Create a forum (get forum templates or forum scripts) where readers or members of your blog can discuss with each other. You can also create a curated list of different social media groups, pages, and forums related to your niche. Let’s say you have a nursing-related blog, you can create a curated list of Facebook groups or pages, LinkedIn groups related to nursing, nurses, etc.

  28. Curate the networks, public registers, associations, member directories, chambers of commerce, classified websites, societies, and open data available related to your blog niche. Get the list of member directories.

  29. Write about courses, training academies, training schools, licensing bodies, certifications, achievements, career pathways, and guidance related to your niche. Let’s say you have a real estate blog and then write about career pathways and certifications for new or experienced real estate companies/agents/brokers. If you have a blog on beauty or fashion, you can write or curate the listing of beauty or fashion schools that provide fashion training.

  30. Relationship, impact or role of nature, disasters, bio-mimicry, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence AI and data analysis in or with your niche. Write about how these fields affect your niche positively or negatively. You can refer to Google news regarding that to stay updated.

  31. History is always important in every field, you should never forget pioneers, history, or great achievements in your industry in the past time. Infographics will be helpful to share and describe quickly and briefly the evolution from past to current and the progress in your niche. You can hire experienced infographics artists or get infographics templates.

  32. Big problems of your industry and ask people their solutions and try to engage on Quora and social media to answer. Keep visiting Quora and research what people are asking on Quora related to your niche. Curate questions and write about the solutions with proper references.

  33. Curate affiliate programs related to your niche/industry. Write about criteria, payment methods preferably bank transfers, and category. If you are interested in affiliate programs of different software / SAAS, get lists of softwares or software companies.

  34. Curate events related to your niche. Curate events link to your niche from different events-related websites and publish them on your websites through links to sources must be given.

  35. Curate about the celebrities, companies, and big players in your industry including freelancers, influencers, etc.

  36. Share for education, guidance, and knowledge purpose the dirty tricks and punishments of your industry, frauds, scams, and dos and don’t for education purposes and awareness.  

  37. Curate the success and failure stories of companies and individuals in your niche for motivation.

  38. Share some updated stats, infographics, figures, and facts through graphs in your niche, country-wise.

  39. Curate social media groups/pages related to your niche. Such as if you have HR related blog you can curate social media-related groups, and pages related to HR.

  40. Share some noble causes, and NGOs related to your niche. If you have a pet niche, what NGOs are working in that niche, or if you have an education-related blog then what NGOs are working for free child education anywhere in the world?

  41. Curate a list of the latest tech, gadgets in your niche.

  42. Write about the future of different things in your niches such as enhancements, and new changes, and also write about obsolete things in your niche or something which is about to depreciate.

  43. Countries and your niche demand and customers in those countries. Let’s say some specific sort of clothes can be high in demand in some countries or non-smartphones demand can be high in demand in some countries of the world.

  44. Keep sharing updated links of premium or free events, webinars, podcasts, and seminars your niche-related. Also mention criteria, requirements, etc. If any affiliate program that would be great.

  45. Directory listings can be a great content idea for your blog niche. If you are short of directory listing ideas related to your niche read 193 ideas of curated directory listing websites.

  46. Create a curated directory listing of services providers in your niche, if you have a beauty or women related blog or website you can add a section of the directory list of women-related fashion retailers, beauty items suppliers, etc.

  47. Guide professionals in your niche on how to create a digital empire and make money online. You can create an online course and teach them via teachable.

  48. What government initiatives, schemes, and policies are in your niche? Keep sharing with references and guide through tutorials.

  49. Some stats about your blog would be great to attract advertisers, and brands.

  50. If you have tech related blog create no-code, automation tools-related use cases, and tutorials. How your blog readers can bring ease and automation to their businesses through these tools. The top-level internet domains list can be curated country-wise, industry-wise such as .digital, .ai, .dev, etc.

  51. Write about how to get a license or membership in your niche. Let’s say you have a nursing-related blog, you can write about how to take the certification, do preparation, and what memberships, and licenses country-wise are available. Another great option is to curate links of online authenticity, license checker, and verification tools.

  52. Add apps related to your niche. If you have kids related blog then what are the helpful apps related to kids for learning Maths, and English? If you have a driving-related blog then curate apps helpful in learning driving, and practice driving tests.

  53. If you know about immigration then write about immigration opportunities if not then arrange podcast interviews with immigration experts for the best guidance and opportunities in your niche.
    Let’s say you have a nursing blog that writes with authentic references about the immigration procedures and opportunities for nurses in USA, Australia, etc.

  54. No discrimination but to connect people around the world and gain more traffic, add ethnic, community, race, language, and geographic touches like if you have a beauty or fashion-related blog then add a listing of Indian salons in London, etc.

  55. Curate a list of volunteer opportunities or corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunities offered by different corporates/organizations industry-wise, country-wise.

  56. Write content about high achievers, great players, pioneers, founding members, viral memes, and personalities of your niche.

  57. If relevant to your niche, share or guide about the rules and regulations, and laws country-wise area-wise related to your niche with authentic references.

  58. Add a trending section where you can write or share about what’s trending in your niche around the globe for the past 1 month or week. Google news or google trends can be a great help.

  59. If your blog is limited, targeted to a specific country, community, or language people then create a directory listing of famous people of that specific niche who are big businesses man/women. You can conduct interviews, create podcasts, take advice for motivation, how did they start, their journey, etc. Share open invitations to any profession, industry, or community. If you want, you can create a channel or playlist for that. Ask your blog readers if they know any famous person and belong to that nationality, community, or language.

  60. You can share the niche-specific business setup tutorials or business setup companies, and fees. If you have any niche let’s suppose you have a makeup niche or pet-related blog then you can write about how to open a pet store physical location or online. Step-by-step tutorial of creating a Shopify eCommerce shop, digital marketing. business opening tutorials, fees.

  61. Curate your niche-specific partner opportunities and directories links like the Gorgias partner program or the Shopify partner program, HubSpot partner program.

  62. Share or write about disabled entrepreneurs, celebrities, and sportspersons related to your niche for motivation.

  63. Curate a list of startups or write about them working in your niche, you can get help from angel.co, Crunchbase.co

  64. Write about job titles and descriptions in your niche.

  65. Last but not least your blog visitors, readers, newsletter subscribers, and social media followers can be very helpful to you. Always ask, get feedback from people on what they would like to see, read on your blog, and watch on your Youtube channel. Never take any negative advice negatively, be patient and thoughtful.