193 Ideas for Curated Directory Listing Websites in 2023

This blog post of ideas on curated directory listing websites can be helpful for:

Are you a freelancer, social media marketing agency, Fiverr seller looking to generate traffic for your Fiverr gig, or a website development company looking for new clients? Perhaps you’re an affiliate marketer trying to increase your sales, a Shopify merchant looking to grow traffic to your online store, or a female blogger in search of fresh content ideas. Maybe you’re a student seeking inspiration for your final year project or looking to launch an online startup. You could be a single mother looking to earn an income from home or a digital marketer seeking new ways to promote your company. Regardless of your background, following are numerous micro-niche directory listing website ideas that can help you improve your online presence and grow traffic. Professional consultants, such as immigration consultants, real estate brokers, travel bloggers, education consultants, and market researchers, can also benefit from these ideas to boost their visibility online. In this article, we’ll explore some micro-niche curated directory listing website ideas that can help you generate traffic, increase sales, and reach your target audience more effectively.

Should you only create blogs on these ideas?

  • You could consider creating a Startup app or SAAS, making YouTube videos or Podcasts, or using the content for your social media page or group.
  • You might also want to explore forum-type websites, mobile apps, social networking apps, social networking websites, blogs, medium articles, or use these ideas as fresh content for your existing blog or website.
  • Don’t limit yourself to these options though – the possibilities are endless! These ideas are just a starting point, and you may find that combining multiple ideas or putting your own spin on them can lead to entirely new and exciting possibilities.

These suggestions help inspire you and your readers to explore the full potential of these ideas.

Why create curated directory listing websites?

Have you ever wondered why people create curated directory listing websites or micro niche blogs on curated directory listings? The internet is full of billions of pages, and finding curated information in one place can be a daunting task. It’s not easy to sift through distractions and find up-to-date information that is relevant to your needs. While there are some similar curated listings available, they often have very little curated data, outdated or obsolete information, or are presented in a long and cumbersome blog post or article format. Some of these resources can also be slow and not very user-friendly.

Despite these challenges, there are many niches and topics for which curated content is not easily available. While lots of information is available on the internet, curated directory listings can make the information more structured and easily accessible in one place. By creating curated listings, people can help to organize information and provide a valuable resource for others who are looking for specific and curated information on a given topic.

Best advice for creating curated directory listing websites:

Must add sources’ links for reference whether video, official websites, or links. Prior permission from the original content creator is required wherever necessary.

Try to add as many features as possible like searchable, filterable easily by category, country, city, profession, industry, etc.

Must be fast, easy to browse, very user-friendly, and an easy way for user contribution should be encouraged. Every listing must be shareable via automated social media sharing tools to increase traffic, followers, website visitors, and social media followers and keep your social media content fresh. The preferably single-page app, as these are the best ideas for single page apps. Website developers can use these ideas to create single-page apps.

Plus point if your blog or directory listing is multilingual. Do not ignore the importance of geographical languages. People are avoiding whereas the demand for multilingual content is increasing. The percentage of multilingual readers and speakers is increasing all around the world.

How to create curated directory listing websites?

If you already have a website or blog, add a curated directory listing section on your website or blog.

Choose a directory listing WordPress theme, or template for your website/blog. Add a directory listing plugin.

Learn how to create a blog or website or hire a freelancer to set up a website or blog for you.

Research and curate content by yourself or hire freelance virtual assistants, and market researchers who will help you in curating content for you.

Ask your website visitors for guest posts/guest content to contribute via a dedicated contact form on your blog or website.

How to make money from curated directory listings?

Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, additionally selling your services like digital marketing services, SEO services, freelance Fiverr services, or affiliate products to the curated directory listing website visitors, etc.

193 Ideas for Curated Content Directory Listing Websites

  1. Curated directory listing of multiple directory listing websites/links. Must be searchable, filterable category-wise, country-wise, and niche-wise in a single website. Must mention that about what category directory listing is related such as directory listing of architects in California, real estate brokers in California directory listing websites, etc. Must include whether these curated directory listing websites/links contain contact details or not if contact details are mentioned on those curated website links then what contact details are available like email addresses, websites, mobile numbers, and social media links? Whether contact details are available for the public, visitors or not; is there any contact form available to contact there? Also mention whether that directory listing is premium or free. Get 1000+ directory listing website links. Get the list of 1000+ member directory links list.

  2. Directory listing of Shopify stores (both wholesale and retail Shopify merchants) offering bulk discount deals, wholesale deals, discounts/coupons, and affiliate programs. The best idea for affiliate marketers, Shopify developers, etc. Curated affiliate links of Shopify stores can be mentioned. Better to share prerequisites, opportunities for social media influencers, commission/payment methods etc.
    You can also create a directory listing of career links of Shopify stores. Career links must be filterable by industries, and countries such as career links of Shopify stores related to towel niche, beauty niche, handbags niche, etc. You can also create a directory listing of wholesale Shopify stores niche specific. Get a list of Shopify stores.

  3. Curated directory listing of all Chamber of Commerce websites or links along with basic information about respective chambers; filterable by country, state, city wise, industry, profession, and sector-wise. Whether the website of specific Chamber of Commerce has a member directory or not and if the member directory is available, does it have contact details? These features can be searchable on your directory listing website. You can get the list of 1000 Chamber of Commerce website links.

  4. Directory listing of links of niche, industry, profession, and country-based public/open registers. Basic information must be searchable. It would be better to add information that what type of contact details (phone, email, website, social media links) are available in the specific public registers.

  5. Directory listing of certifications, license associations, certification bodies, license, licensing authorities, how to apply, certification providers, training centers, centers’ locations, what certifications they provide, awarding body, affiliations, the procedure of getting that, industry/field, online, certification type, level, country, state, city, mode of teaching, on-premise, fees, testing procedure, registration procedure, criteria, etc like sap certification providers and their criteria in California, Real estate certification providers in California, list of certifications in botany, etc. Search filters with all industries, professions, the field of interest can attract good traffic including students, freelancers, expert professionals, and newcomers in the industry on your website. A step-by-step procedure will be great. A social network can be built where users can share the tutorial and videos on respective topics like types of licenses for child care in Canada, licenses type, membership types, etc.

  6. Directory listing of professional societies, alliances, contractors associations, trade associations, member directories, and associations’ website links. Get the 1000+ USA associations’ websites list. The curator can add on their website that the curated website link has a member directory link available and contact details available or not. If possible, also add who are the members both individuals and business members counts, registration criteria, other criteria, fees to become a member of that specific society, member directory, association, etc. Better to add country-specific, state-specific such as associations in California, etc. Expectedly there might be 50000+ worldwide trade associations, member directories, and societies with member directories websites/links available on the internet, great for a micro niche websites. Wikipedia, good to mention the reference of Wikipedia, can be a great help. Best ideas for market researchers, services providers, etc.

  7. Directory listing of recyclable products, byproducts, machines etc. Filterable by country, and suppliers. A curated listing of tutorials on How to recycle water, waste, plastic, etc.

  8. Directory listing of successful bald, bullied, fat personalities country-wise, gender-wise. You can create Facebook groups, Instagram and auto-posting can generate great traffic in a short time. This idea is best for motivation for every age person be it a teenager, adult, senior, etc. Users can also share common people, YouTubers’ success stories, etc. Influencers can contribute, and curate motivational speeches, and videos related to baldness, bullying, and fat. It can be the best motivational platform. Curate bullied personalities and their videos of being bullied and then achieving success. Curate TEDx talks, Instagram celebrities, photographers who are experts in fat photography, YouTubers fat or bald, and YouTube channels who are encouraging and motivating bald or fat people. Directory listing can be created category-wise, and user can submit their entries of success. Full of motivation and education.

  9. Directory listing of publicly available open data websites links, website type such as directory listing, a government website, trade agency, etc. Mention what type of data is available, who can use that for what purpose etc. Open data can include any kind of stats available publicly such as visitors of museums etc. Best for data analytics ideas, programmers for software/website development, market researchers, etc. If allowed, you can present data in different and variety of formats easily, downloadable, convertible, create charts, diagrams, and flowcharts, provide translated data/charts in multiple languages, etc. Best Idea for data analysts, data scientists, 3d artists, animators, teachers, market researchers, etc.

  10. Choose an industry, or niche, and create a relevant curated directory listing of career links, industry-specific, country-specific such as a directory listing of careers links in the HR industry, directory listing of career links of schools in the USA, schools in the UK, directory listing of jobs for programmers, software engineers, etc. Get thousands of career links list.

  11. Directory listings of shopping malls, markets, wholesale markets, their physical locations, a listing of shops inside big shopping malls, and big markets. Their online eCommerce shop links, if available. Also mention guidance on how someone can purchase/rent shops there, the criteria, prerequisites, who can do business there, what type of businesses can be operated there, niche specific, industry-specific, etc. Let’s say there may be malls best for only agriculture products or women’s items related only etc. This directory listing idea can be great for Shopify eCommerce merchants, travel bloggers, travel-related YouTube vloggers, market researchers, etc.

  12. Curated links of the directory listing of suppliers i.e. animal food suppliers, raw material suppliers, manufacturers, tractors, etc. spare parts, producers, assemblers, wholesalers, retailers country-wise, area-wise, industry-wise. The directory listing must include the directory listings with contact details such as websites, telephone, and email addresses.

  13. Blog or directory listing of country-wise, industry-wise companies, industries, and factories in deficit sold or about to be sold. Relevant curated news can be a good addition.

  14. Directory listing of authentic, authorized, legitimate, Government approved, licensed loan providers their conditions, loan products, formalities, requirements, eligibility criteria, banks, or other institutes who provide a loan. Must be filterable by loan amount, loan installments, area/region, loan limit, loan provider, a product like an electronics loan, education loan, vehicle loan, laptop loan, etc who can be eligible females, students, males farmers, etc. A good example is when one wants to apply for a specific product on loan but is unsure whether a specific provider provides loan facilities to a specific category in a specific area. Different loan packages can be curated and original links can be mentioned where to apply.

  15. Directory listing of industrialist/trade zones. Country-wise conditions, who is eligible, fees whether tax-free, what countries eligible, what type of businesses are eligible or preferred, what type of businesses already working there, etc.

  16. Directory listing of online auction websites, whether mobile app exists or not, who can apply, what items are auctioned there, country-wise. If one country has 50+ auction websites for cars but there may be a country where no auction website, it can be a great opportunity for startups, jobs, etc.

  17. Directory listing of terms and conditions links, templates; procedures, code of conduct; protocols of different position holders like Prime Minister, President; country, state wise.

  18. Directory listing of Muslim celebrities, professors, and professionals i.e. doctors, scientists, country, state wise, nationality, origin wise.

  19. Directory listing of successful people who were born poor, and born in a village but are now successful, villagers success. Searchable by country, industry, profession, village, etc.

  20. Directory listing, YouTube channel of religious stories, real stories, incidents, etc. Searchable by country, area, personality, etc.

  21. Directory listing of locations (google maps optional) of something special that happened at a special place in history such as a wedding, some incident happened, etc; searchable by country, city, area, location, etc.

  22. Directory listings of countries, states, cities imports or exports year-wise, industry-wise, services, etc.

  23. Directory listings of memberships, subscriptions, products, software, and services offered on a free trial, discounted price, or free forever, etc. Research and mention procedure, eligibility criteria, country-specific, institute type specific, such as only students can avail or educational institutes can avail or NGOs can avail the benefit. Must be filterable by country, city, industry, niche, type, discounted amount, percentage, targeted audiences/beneficiaries, duration, etc.

  24. Directory listing of freelance social media groups where to find freelancers. A better option to browse by country, skills, etc.

  25. Directory listing of celebrities and their struggles, sacrifices, how they become successful; what failures they faced; filterable by country, industry, etc. Their failures, and hardships must be filterable like all celebrities who were born poor, who were bullied, etc.

  26. Directory listing of disabled entrepreneurs, celebrities, and sportspersons. Best for encouragement to the readers and the young generation. Directory listing of special people having talent and success. Disability types must be searchable for motivation so that people can minimize the chances of regrets and complaints. You can also conduct an interview and make Podcasts about their struggles, success, and achievements. Filterable/searchable by disability, country, gender, industry niche, etc such as disabled bodybuilder female from California, etc. Best idea so that disappointed people in the world can take inspiration. 3d animators/storytellers can show concepts through their talent. Through your app/directory listing their marketing can be done. You can also create a directory listing of tools, software, and respective companies/agencies working for disabled people/visual impairments tools, software, and hardware. Filterable, searchable by country, disability, impairments, etc.

  27. Directory listing of celebrities who become popular through the internet, viral memes, etc industry-wise, why and how they become famous from TikTok for dance, smile, face, reaction, etc.   

  28. Directory listing of successful immigrants in industry, country, profession, state, city, origin, race, community, and language-wise. Whether they own a business or hold a top management position in a big brand. Must be searchable by brand, industry, country, gender, etc. Wikipedia can be the best source for research. Good to have their podcast interview. Best for social media influencers to make podcasts by going to foreign countries to take an interview, office tour, etc. Best for your audience’s motivation. Users of your website can find their country famous people in foreign/other countries by profession etc. Users can request podcast interviews, and ask questions for inspiration and motivation.

  29. Directory listing of foreign countries’ investment in another country like country A owns or built a train station in country B. Filterable, searchable by country, infrastructure, etc.

  30. Directory listings of services providers who speak the same language, same nationality, same race, same origin, same community, etc to connect people of the same language, same community in different foreign countries of the world. Often it is difficult for different language speakers to find service providers of the same language. Good examples can be Persian-speaking real estate agents in London, Spanish-speaking accountants in New York, etc. There may be missing personal touch in foreign countries, this directory listing can solve that problem. It is not encouraging racism, or discrimination but connecting like-minded people around the world; it’s just the easy way of  business, healthy economics, business promotions, upliftment, and connecting peoples across borders.

  31. Directory listings of Embassy, Consulate directories/links; contact details; opening and closing hours; what services are available at what consulate, embassy; news related to closure; how to reach there, modes of transportation; what protocols, and rules to be followed; events; how to apply; what type of visa applications are accepted at a specific embassy or consulate, etc. Also include sources for visa forms, requirements, what documents are required, etc; A complete portal or startup app can be created which includes a consultants directory, eligibility requirements visa-specific, country-specific, documents fees, and all updated information. If not possible at-least mention website links of the respective country’s consulate or embassy, country-wise. The app must be very easy to use and helpful in finding relevant updated information about the different visa types i.e. post-study work permit, visa information, etc; How to fill the form guideline, step-by-step guidelines; forum for discussions; tutorials links. You can also create a mini social network where different language-speaking consultants can share information, add tutorials, and guidelines and contribute to the website in return they may get free marketing, and the opportunity for prospective clients; business visa consultants, consultants, or lawyers can write a guest post as a contribution. Different authorized/licensed investment consultants can also contribute related to legal and legitimate investment opportunities in different countries. The tutorials and guidelines must be filterable by country, visa type, etc. What new laws are introduced, restrictions, etc everything must be updated and source links must be mentioned. Multilingual would be added benefit to attract more visitors. The consultants can also mention what languages they can speak to attract a variety of clients. Users can also have the facility to check whether the consultant is authorized/licensed, and legitimate. Website visitors can also ask relevant questions. A section of curated visa news must be added to keep your website users updated.

  32. Directory listing of packages, subscriptions, and deals for companies, organizations, teams, groups, students, NGOs, etc.

  33. Curated directory listing of country, city, and state-wise startup facilities, venture capital firms, incubation centers, accelerators programs, community hub, co-working space country-wise, state, city-wise; their initiatives; startups; active applications receiving or not; their terms and conditions links; requirements; application requirements; facilities; list of programs they are running; graphical charts like how many startups they received; interviewed succeeded; who they are backed by; funded by, sponsored, etc; do they accept international or just national applicants; link to their application forms, application steps, application start and close dates, industry, niche, category for which applications are acceptable; some accept only medical related startups applications, some accept architect related startup applications, etc; do they accept based on ideas or just running a startup, etc. The features must be searchable.

  34. Updated aggregated/ curated directory listing of universities, colleges; their admissions start and end date, admission requirements consolidated, field wise pre-requisites; searchable, filterable. This idea is best to avoid wastage time looking on search engines. Students can contribute to such a portal and become members. Program-wise/Institution-wise results can be added. Startup idea where colleges, universities, and schools can upload the result in excel or pdf format or curated links of results which redirect to the institution result web page. An app can be developed where institutes, and schools can create dynamic, customized, bespoke admission forms for each pre-enrollment / enrollment, where students can register, and apply for the program; respective registered admission departments can accept or reject based on criteria; payment system, so that users information is stored one time no need to enter the same information again and again for different institute admission.

  35. Directory listing of villages famous for specialty i.e. apple production, vegetable production, mango production, etc. You can create a mini social network where users can contribute and the natives can add the specialty or the member who ever visited the place can contribute on your website.

  36. Niche-specific directory listing of hotels’ features, and facilities; procedures like where to book, and how to book. Multi-language YouTube videos of the hotel by hotel, branch by branch. 

  37. Curated directory listings of domestic services providing agencies or directory listings, country-wise.

  38. Directory listing of services providers with different languages speaking, community-specific.

  39. Premium curated directory listing of websites that need LiveChat, websites need an upgrade to modern technology, websites need security captcha, and DDOS protection. The best-targeted audiences can be freelance developers, website development agencies, etc. Get niche-specific websites list or hire website curators. Such directory listing can be made for members only or premium members can view this directory listing only.

  40. Curated directory listing of museums, videos (if allowed), daily estimated visitors count, locations, direction, timings, famous for, video channel specific to museums, museums by type such as sea, ocean, history, war, army, romance, books, what facilities are available at a specific museum, history, branches, pictures (if allowed). Your website users can contribute to the directory listing. Best mobile app idea, the best idea for students, the best idea for education purposes, the best idea for YouTube videos, and the best idea for travelers. A similar directory listing can be created for libraries around the world.

  41. Directory listing of animal-specific clubs, training centers, societies, associations, shops, etc such as equestrian, horse riding clubs, trainers, shops, horse societies, etc country wise, by an animal such as horse, cat, dog, etc. The best idea for animals-related services providers, the best idea for animals-related Shopify eCommerce store merchants, or Shopify eCommerce merchants looking to grow sales.

  42. Directory listing of natural resources, country-wise area-wise, what is the usage of what natural resource, raw material usage, benefits, what area/country is famous for what natural resource, what companies are working in what natural resources, some stats of import and export country-wise.

  43. Directory listings of artisans or artisans by niche, category specific.

  44. Curated directory listing of Government departments, their basic introductions such as their purposes, functions, and responsibilities; their online portal links, websites links, how to register, application procedures tutorials links, etc state-wise, city-wise, industry-wise, country-wise.  

  45. Directory listing of robots; robots’ names, purpose, the industry they can serve, what work they can perform, demo videos’ links, etc. References should be mentioned.

  46. Directory listing of disasters, crises by types, their losses, country, industry, etc such as financial crises in history by country, etc.

  47. Directory listing of companies and their corporate social responsibility and how many NGOs, the charity organizations working under their umbrella, in which country, how they provide, and how someone can get benefit from their corporate social responsibility. This directory listing idea can be great in the sense that someone looking for corporate social responsibility (CSR) after their graduation or during studies, can find great help. You can create a podcast by interviewing companies’ representatives about the CSR initiative etc. The best idea for HR professionals, HR companies, or HR-related bloggers.

  48. Directory listing of factories, mills, farmhouses; country, city wise, product wise such as surgical products, leather products, biscuits, etc. This directory listing can be good for the targeted audience looking to start a new business, open a wholesale business or retail business, tour, purchase agencies, dealership, etc.

  49. Directory listing of only gas stations, petrol/diesel stations, and shops at gas stations available for rent or sale.

  50. Directory listing of highways, super highway, bypass, toll plazas, tax, worldwide multilingual.

  51.  Directory listing of country-wise departments wise (police, army, navy, air force, etc) dress codes, badges, ranks; their descriptions or meanings.

  52. Directory listings of companies, organizations, etc with franchises, different branches, worldwide or country-wide, niche/industry specific such as banks, pizza shops, burger shops, etc; must be searchable, timings and physical location addresses can be added.

  53. Directory listing of online auction websites; industry-specific, niche-specific, country-specific.

  54. Directory listing of Muslim Celebrities, Professors, scientists, businessmen/businesswomen, etc; profession-wise, industry-wise, country, state-wise. 

  55. Directory listing, YouTube video ideas of real stories, incidents, and real stories from history.

  56. Directory listing of freelancers groups, social media pages where to find freelancers, preferably local freelancers. Searchable by skills, specialty, and social media type such as directory listing of virtual assistant Facebook groups from the Philippines.

  57. Curated directory listing idea, YouTube video idea of celebrities’ biopic (take permission if required), web series on the struggles and how they become successful. Proper research can be good for great content. Directory listing or YouTube video idea related to the failures of celebrities, startups, companies, and entrepreneurs who failed no matter later they got success. So that readers can get the motivation that failure is not a curse or bad.  Ready-made video templates can be used, whiteboard animation software can be used. The best idea for info-graphic artists, 3d artists, and 3d animators.  

  58. Directory listing of sports and games highlights, sixes, fours, bold, winners, catches historical facts, figures such as who won, how many matches won, who man of the series, gender-based, position, graphical, year, prize money, prize cash match type, unique things/events of 1990 match, etc. Also include games, sports instructions, stadiums, grounds rules, some facts, etc. The best idea for sports lovers. Sports achievements by graphs, references, and sports types.

  59. Directory listing of plants, vegetables, fruits; charts, graphical chart, family kingdom, single page app easy to browse, easy to understand information, quick tabular based nutrients comparison of all species, genres, etc. Add information such as what vegetables and fruits contain iron, protein, etc; what plant, vegetable, or fruit is good for what disease. A curated listing of all website links of diseases and their solutions via fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants, etc.

  60. A curated listing of publicly available links of bills, laws, etc approved/passed, country-wise, category-wise like what immigration or any other bill/law approved/passed by what country, senate, etc. Also, add some stats like how many votes for passing the bill or law, etc. Google news can be a great resource. Proper references must be added.

  61. Curated links to directory listings or directory listings of agencies/companies dealing in offline marketing like billboards, banners, pamphlets, printing businesses, etc.

  62. Directory listing of TV shows and programs common in different countries and what countries. TV shows/programs and countries must be searchable, niche/category searchable such as funny programs common in the USA and Australia, etc. If possible then share some guidance, requirements , or links of guidance on how to apply for a license/permission to launch the same/similar TV show/program in any country.

  63. Directory listing, YouTube video ideas for billion and million-dollar market industries and what countries are top in that market or market ranking such as what countries are top in the wine cork industry, Flower industry top countries, etc. Must be searchable by the importer, exporter countries, countries with top imports, exports, year-wise, founding members, industry-wise, product-wise, etc. If short documentaries are available that would be great for a thorough introduction. You can add curated listings of imports and exports of countries, year-wise, industry, and sector-wise.

  64. Directory listing of video links or blog links or directory listing of basic guidelines step by step for foreigners, students, foreign workers, immigrants, etc about accommodation, modes of transportation, modes of transportation for tourists, expenses, video tutorials, etc. Must be searchable by country, visa type, etc. Niche-based, country-wise, website, YouTube video ideas.

  65. Directory listing, YouTube video idea of software/SAAS available for demo/trial, software demo, step by step. Software must be searchable by industry, category, etc.

  66. Directory listing of niche, industry, category, and field of study based on different social media groups and pages. Also, add curated instructions for groups/pages.

  67. Directory listing of females-related directories links such as female clubs, women’s chamber of commerce, societies, female entrepreneurs, female professionals, or professional services providers. Must be searchable by country, niche, industry, profession, etc. You can also curate a list of organizations, and companies led by women, women in top positions.

  68. Directory listing of female service providers. Different communities, races, languages, and ethnic group types can be added so that more and more different types of readers worldwide can get benefit from the such directory listing.

  69. Directory listing of sports clubs, games clubs, sports teams, celebrities, sports players, actors, etc with no website or social media. Best for digital marketing companies, and website development companies to find prospective clients. Wikipedia’s list of celebrities, sports players, and actors can be helpful. You may need to keep the listing updated by adding, newly famous, newcomers in sports, etc.

  70. Directory listing of banks, hospitals, and different branches worldwide.

  71. Directory listing of Podcasts’ links; freemium, free, or premium; category-wise, niche-wise; country-wise. Also add basic info about the podcast creator, and the podcast, etc.

  72. Directory listing, YouTube video idea, blog idea about only social media limitations, restrictions, good news, new rules, restrictions, new security features, etc. Better to add tutorial links.

  73. Directory listing of Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning and data sciences involvement, progress and development in different subjects, fields of study, industry related. The directory listing can also curate relevant news and projects. Also includes website lists, tools (both software and hardware), startups, companies, organizations, schools, and training centers; country-wise, niche-wise, and industry-wise related to the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data sciences. Get 1000+ AI-related website links.

  74. Mega directory listing of curated terms and meanings or indexes used in academic disciplines. If it’s too big then create a curated listing of public links from where users can read.  

  75. Directory listing or YouTube video idea about the facts, specialty, qualities of animals, birds, etc. Searchable by the animal, country, area, keyword, etc.

  76. Directory listing of curated publicly available directory links of the team, staff, teachers, researchers, faculty members etc. Searchable by country, institute, department; school, college, university type, etc. Also mention what contact details are available (like email, phone/mobile number, website, social media links, etc). Get the list of 1000+ staff/teachers/faculty members directory links. Get a list of thousands of schools in the UK and USA contact lists.  Best startup idea for affiliate marketers, students, etc.

  77. Directory listing of curated public links of magazine links. Basic information can be added and searchable such as niche, country, sector, category, year, publications, etc. Also, add basic information and a filter if that magazine contains a member directory contact list or not. You can add also add a directory listing of curated public links of PDFs with member directory contact lists included. Also add basic information about the PDF, member directory, etc.

  78. Directory listing of countries offering citizenship, visas, immigration, etc, their updated guidelines/tutorials step by step, policies, etc.

  79. Curated directory listing or curated links of directory listings of dealers, and brokers, can be individuals and companies/agencies of any industry like yacht-related brokers, product import and export brokers, stock brokers, etc. Filterable by country, industry, niche, etc.

  80. Curated directory listings of corruption, punishments on corruption-related news; country, city, and state wise.  

  81. Directory listings of all APIs and what they can do, what frameworks and programming languages are supported, and use cases. Mention one-line features, introduction, etc. Must keep it updated like has it been depreciated etc. Must be searchable by industry, sector-wise, is it free or premium? The best idea for programmers, web developers, digital marketers, etc.

  82. Directory listings of chemistry, botany, physics, and many other different fields of study, industries-related software companies, researchers. The purpose is to connect the IT/Software industry with other industries.

  83. Directory listing, YouTube video idea, blog idea of different religions/communities/ethnic groups /race-based traditions/festivals/occasions/celebrations etc.

  84. Directory listing of family businesses whose top leadership include the young generation of the family, who understand tech, second or third-generation family business owner, who understand tech. Best for IT, website, software, and digital marketing companies.

  85. Directory listing of trends and best practices industry, niche-specific be it software engineering, bioengineering, etc.

  86. Directory listing of agriculture, farming, meat producers, suppliers, exporters, and types of machinery searchable by animal type, meat type, supplies, accessories like chopsticks, types of machinery, exporters, etc.

  87. Directory listing of exhibitors, exhibition halls, features, exhibition places, upcoming exhibitions worldwide, and how to get registered for any exhibition anywhere. Searchable by niche, industry, etc like upcoming agriculture-related exhibitions in California, list of exhibition halls/places in London, etc. A better idea is to curate whether specific exhibition or industry-specific exhibition has a specific time or month, and mention procedures, prerequisites, membership, etc. Curated directory listing in which countries garments exhibitions are held in December or after 15 days etc. Very good for market researchers, and businesses, they can send their representatives or attend exhibitions at multiple places simultaneously around the world.

  88. Directory listing of best places for the production of vegetables, fruits, or any other natural resources. Searchable by item, place, and country.

  89. Directory listing of myths, and stereotypes, filterable by country, keywords, etc.

  90. Directory listing, YouTube video idea of multilingual food recipes of different countries, culture origin sweet dish, rice, curries, juices, etc. The best idea for females such as female bloggers, female programmers, female software engineers, etc.

  91. Directory listing, YouTube video ideas of fat/chubby or bald celebrities, personalities. Best for motivation, best for those audiences, readers who feel depressed because of being fat or bald. Podcasts of such personalities including their suggestions, hurdles, problems they faced, and how they achieved success will be great.

  92. Directory listing, blog, or a podcast of estimated expenses on the infrastructure, etc by startups. Some facts can be added like how many servers, DB, tools, tech stacks, etc. Curated links can be added, podcasts can be conducted.

  93. Directory listing, YouTube video ideas, blog ideas of airports worldwide, some facts and figures available publicly, all facilities such as safety, taxi, exchange, architect design, etc. Niche-based multilingual. Better to conduct some interviews, podcasts, etc.

  94. Directory listing of curated ads, and TV commercials; niche, country, year-wise. Your readers can watch in historical order TV commercials/ads etc. Newcomers in marketing and advertising can learn something. The best idea for marketers, and students.

  95. Directory listing of gangsters, and rapists who transformed themselves towards positivity, a good path; YouTube video idea on how such gangsters can make money online by becoming motivational speakers; successful stories by interviewing thousands of gangsters, and rapists, share their experience so that future generations or any person can get lessons of how bad and dangerous it can be to harm someone and avoid that. Faces can be hidden as per approval/prior permission/willingness/safety. Take interviews, their families’ interviews, if allowed, for motivation to stay on a good path in life and not harm anyone. Directory listing or podcast idea of people who give up bad habits like alcohol, drug addiction, etc can share their experiences so that others can get motivation and realization, country-wise.

  96. Directory listing of transgenders-related social media groups, organizations, NGOs, communities, niche startup ideas, transgender celebrities, famous personalities, transgenders in top management, etc. Best for humanity, motivations, etc.

  97. Directory listing of classified websites country-specific, niche specific. Also add what contact information is available like email, website, telephone etc.

  98. Directory listing of curated career links of schools, different companies etc. Get a list of thousands of schools in the USA and UK contact lists. Get thousands of different companies’ career links.

  99. Directory listing of people, and businesses who got successful or failed in the coronavirus lockdown time. Positive and negative impacts on industries, sectors, personalities, and common people’s life. Would be great to add a listing of who became a millionaire or billionaire in lockdown. Filterable by niche, business type, country, etc. Interviews series would be best, podcasts can be great, specific to lockdown success and downfall only.

  100. Directory listing of companies offering an affiliate program for bringing clients for their services, not digital products or any other type of physical product but only services. Get a list of 10000+ services providing companies links. A similar type of directory listing for software or SAAS affiliate programs. Get a list of thousands of software, SAAS companies links. If they do not have any affiliate program, you can sign up for an affiliate program of affiliate software and offer/recommend those companies with affiliate software and you can get a chance to make a commission if they start their affiliate program using the affiliate software which you referred. The best idea for affiliate marketers. Also provide information on whether payment methods for commissions are only PayPal-based or commissions are offered via bank transfer, Payoneer, wire transfer, etc.

  101. Directory listing of links to scandals, scams, punishments related articles, videos for education, and information purposes. Filterable by industry, country, etc. Directory listing can be included punishments because of hacking, results of misusing hacking, and digital crime. Things to remember before learning to hack. Links of examples videos news/documentaries for young newbies, for education purposes.

  102. Directory listing of home remedies, raw materials suppliers, and what benefits home remedies can bring. Step-by-step tips, preparation, etc.

  103. A curated list of mergers, acquisitions, and unicorns by category, industry-wise, and country-wise; great to present information in comparison, graphs form. Wikipedia is a great source for this idea.

  104. Curate posh, luxury areas, hotels, and places by country, state, and city.

  105. Directory listing of assets privatized reasons why privatized. Detailed case studies can be shared. Curated links to videos can be added.

  106. Directory listing of organic farming, growers, developments, productions; niche, industry, sector-wise. How are AI and machine learning helping in organic production, and how organic production can be increased? What startups country-wise are working in that? What opportunities are available?  

  107. Directory listing of no-code tools, their affiliate programs (if any), and basic tutorials or a curated list of tutorials.

  108. Create or curate directory listings of services providers by race, language, profession, country, and community-wise. Ever found the difficulty of finding like-minded or the same community or same language speakers, accountants, architects, or any service provider in a new country/city? This idea in this post will solve such a problem. This idea is not about promoting racism or discrimination it is about connecting like-minded people and providing ease in finding resources.

  109. Directory listing ideas of schools, admission criteria, and whether admissions are open or not; you can add colleges, universities, and programs until what age they can take admission. Very basic and generic information.

  110. Directory listings of street hawkers are very small businesses in nature but they are millionaires or very successful. Best for motivation.

  111. Directory listing of kids celebrities, famous personalities, who have become rich and famous at a very young age. Filterable/searchable by how they become rich or famous, niche industry, etc. So that other kids can be motivated. If any parent or sibling support/help was included, please add that as well, so that parents or siblings around the world can be motivated and encouraged.

  112. Directory listing of trends, famous memes, latest online social media challenges.

  113. Directory listing of social reformers filterable by country, and industry.

  114. Directory listing of movies based on reality, real stories, real personality, autobiographies, incidents, and biopics; filterable by country, and languages.

  115. Directory listing of water dams, how many days water can be stored, country-wise, and some facts.

  116. Directory listing of halal food shops, and restaurants; country-wise, and city-wise. The best idea for travelers, and tourists. A similar type of listing can be created for vegetarians.

  117. A curated listing of directory listing links of approved agents, education consultants, and immigration consultants; country-wise, city-wise. Filterable by government-approved, university-approved, college-approved, licensed, etc.

  118. Directory listing publicly available stats, facts, and figures of different countries, cities, states, and industries. Better to show by graphs, tabular format, etc.

  119. Directory listing of under 18, teenage company owners, and successful personalities; filterable by country, and industry.

  120. Directory listing of single celebrities, scientists, researchers, etc. Country-wise, industry-wise.

  121. Directory listing of uneducated or low-educated successful personalities, even common people can share their stories, country-wise, and industry-wise.

  122. Directory listing of short keys of all the software, operating systems, tools, etc. The best idea for software engineers, IT professionals, and web developers. This listing must contain almost all the software etc and be very fast and quick.

  123. Directory listing of successful people in the field for which they did not go to university or college or did not take an academic degree such as the list of YouTubers or people who did not get an IT or software degree but making a quite good amount of money in the field of programming, IT, chemistry, physics, etc. So that people around the world can get motivation.

  124. Directory listing of sales professionals directory listings, sales companies directory listings. Country-wise, industry, or sector-wise.

  125. Directory listing of curated links of YouTube earning videos, social media groups/page earnings, and blog earning links. Filterable and searchable by what was bought, what gifted to parents from YouTube earnings, blogs, or online earnings. The best idea for affiliate marketers and tutors is to sell their courses and affiliate promotions.

  126. Country-wise, city-wise, niche-wise directory listing of bloggers, YouTubers, etc. Users can add their blog links, and YouTube channel links.

  127. Directory listing of links of infographics already available on the internet; curate and share niche, country, and celebrity-wise. Must add the source from where you curate also better to ask permission. The source will also get backlinks and appreciation/credit. On this website, you can add infographics users for their promotions, and a membership directory of infographics experts.

  128. Directory listing of sports clubs, gaming clubs, leisure clubs, federations, associations, local area-based gaming clubs, groups; fees, joining requirements, tournaments events listings, etc. Filterable/ searchable by country, game type, and sport type.  

  129. Directory listing of marketplaces where users can sell or purchase, who can sell? Retailers, wholesalers, gender-specific items, niche-specific, country-specific, etc. Better to add some stats like how many members registered, what payment methods are accepted, what contact method, and what contact details are available like website, email address, etc. Apart from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy there can be thousands of marketplaces, country-wise, and niche-wise.

  130. Directory listing of the senate, parliament systems, government systems, local bodies systems, country wise for education purpose.

  131. Directory listing of curated links of directory listings of services providing companies like HR companies, Digital marketing companies, Website development companies, IT companies; what contact information is available, etc. Filterable by country, niche, industry, or sector. Get a list of thousands of services providing companies.

  132. Directory listing of curated content, YouTube videos of family businesses, artists to show family bonding importance, niche wise, country wise, users can search gender combination like company started by sister and brother, sister and father, etc. Users can also submit their stories and request an interview to show their stories, expert opinions, and podcasts. Must be a combination of family business specifics. To show the power of family bonding, a hybrid combination like a sister from tech and a brother from product development or marketing, their interview, multilingual. The best idea for YouTube videos and Podcasts.

  133. Directory listing of links of youth and student organizations, chapters, unions, committees, membership, etc; university, college, department wise, field wise.

  134. Directory listing of locations in a different part of the world where foreign countries’ products/markets are available for sale/purchase, whether big brands or any creative service like carpets, clothes, etc. The best idea for travelers, tourists, consultants, etc.

  135. Curated directory listing of documentaries/links/videos (mention reference / ask permission /mention original link) on how big systems work in different countries, cities, and states such as water systems, flood systems, the emergency systems works in different cities, states, countries; how this country, county, city, state solved the such problem like the system of the train station, dams, etc year wise solutions. Documentaries can be created as well. The best idea for researchers.

  136. Directory listing of tutorials/links of tutorials of open source, websites having free tools, free forever though limited features, niche-specific, industry-specific software/tools, desktop/web-based. The best idea for industry professionals or bloggers is to create tutorials. Also, add a listing of software with demo available / trial available or free versions like emails related software. Get a list of software companies’ website links. You can also create a directory listing of software installation setup-related services providers, freelancers, companies, etc. You can also offer the installation services of open-source, free software.

  137.  Directory listing or curated links of directory listings of individual/freelance consultants and consultancy firms; country-wise, industry-wise etc.

  138. Directory listing of twists people bring in their services or businesses to get viral, directory listing of memes, viral in their business like subway train painter, ice cream seller with dancing skills, etc. Best to conduct their interview/podcasts for motivation. Multilingual, country-wise, searchable niche-wise, industry-wise. The best idea for Youtubers, tourists, and students.

  139. Directory listing of DevOps tools and technologies API tutorials, like Kubernetes server API tutorials without any ready-made tool. The best idea for DevOps, programmers, and IT companies.   

  140. Directory listing of real-world toys or products which demonstrate or witness the practical concepts/topics of calculus, chemistry, physics, or any field of study, etc which may be quite difficult sometimes to understand. The curated listings/videos of products, and experiments must be so easy to understand even a 10-year old girl or boy can understand. The practical implementation of concepts.

  141. Curated directory listing of architects and design of buildings, places having cultural values in design or designed by keeping in view the heritage importance or significance. Directory listing of all cultural places. Searchable and filterable by country, design, architect, concept, civilization, etc.

  142. Directory listing of ERPs and CRMs tutorials with no code tools, drag and drop solutions without writing codes, and open source related solutions.

  143. Directory listing of all the YAML/YML files’ templates related to programming frameworks, DevOps tools, programming languages, etc such as YAML/YML file templates related to Kubernetes, Ansible, docker, etc. Definition, purpose, and meaning of each line in the form of comments. The best idea for DevOps, software engineers, and IT companies.

  144. Directory listing of games, and sports’ rules; quickly searchable and filterable by sport/game type, country, etc.

  145. Directory listing of No-Code tools, automation tools; use-cases, examples, and benefits; industry-wise. The best idea is if you are an affiliate of any such tool or provide services related to that. The best idea for IT companies, and affiliate marketers.

  146. Directory listing of educational toys, YouTube channels informative, educational type for kids where kids can learn high-level concepts easily.

  147. Curated directory listing of links of exhibitors, import/export agents, product sourcing agents, wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, and warehouses directory listings. Mention what contact details are publicly available on the internet or respective website/directory listing link. This directory listing is preferably developed as a single-page app; must be searchable by industry, product category, city, country, etc. It would be great if the directory listing contains links to wholesalers, and distributors of Chinese, Korean, etc products in European, American, or different countries.

  148. Directory listing about America, its places like what area is famous for what, what community people live mostly in a specific area, markets for special items, imported items, country-specific, etc. Would be best if you can curate links about laws, and regulations of different states, cities, industries, and systems wise. Must be easy to browse, filterable and searchable.

  149. Directory listing of automated machines; filterable and searchable by industry, sector-wise, purpose, etc.

  150. Directory listing of both offline/online exhibition places, events places, events management places, organizations, stadiums; upcoming; historical events; space, limits of places, and events.

  151. Directory listing of curated links of R&D, progress on that, what insect or animal is used for medicines if any, and what organizations, startups, and ventures are working on that. If anyone is interested share the link, any billionaire millionaire working or ready for funding. Let’s suppose cancer if any hospital is treated free of cost charity is available, NGO is available or not, curate researchers, and directory listings of links with research.

  152. Directory listing of curated links having information related to policies, procedures, country-wise, industry, sector-wise, like which countries have free healthcare, for whom, etc. Must be searchable, preferably multilingual, and up-to-date. The best idea for consultants, travelers, vloggers, etc.

  153. Directory listing of curated links of job-specific salary information by country-specific or association, specific standard body, etc. Preferably searchable/filterable by job title, industry, year, etc. Let’s say there are some countries where different societies and bodies publish estimated salaries by job titles by industry.

  154. Directory listing of curated government website links; filterable by country, government type, city, ministry, department, etc. Also mention if any contact details are available, modes of communication, etc. Also briefly provide the introduction of the department/ministry etc. Mention what online facilities are available via the website or mobile app.

  155. Directory listing of video tours (if allowed) or information about schools, colleges, and universities. Give presentations on facilities, labs, library systems, and how these school systems work in different countries. The best idea for teachers, travelers, vloggers, tourists, etc. Prior permission to visit, video record, and what information can be shared with the public/viewers must be taken. Better if you give references or curate links if already available on the internet. Filterable by country, city, etc.

  156. Directory listing of careers in tech. Filterable/searchable by job title, country, industry, etc. Get list of 1000 career links of tech/IT/SAAS companies. Get a list of thousands of IT/Digital agencies links.

  157. Mega directory listing of curated links of blogs taking the guest post. Better to mention criteria, pricing, free, and sponsored posts, what type of guest posts are allowed, and premium; also share some publicly available stats about such blogs, social media links, etc. Filterable by niche, industry, and country. The best idea for affiliate marketers, and researchers.

  158. Directory listing of curated links having different boilerplates available for programming, design, back-end, front-end frameworks, etc such as docker-related boilerplates, python-related boilerplate, templates etc. The best idea for web developers, software developers, IT companies, etc.

  159. Directory listing of unicorns, similar startups in different countries such as food-related startups in different countries. Better if you add some publicly available comparison, stats such as registered number of users, etc and add references. Filterable, searchable by industry type, etc. The best idea for market researchers, digital marketers, and data analysts.

  160. Directory of publicly available information available related to SAAS tech stakes, languages, frameworks, how many servers, servers cost, how many customers, user base, how they manage/handle millions of requests/users/infrastructure, etc. Best for education purposes and brand marketing. Best for education purposes for those daydreamers who think creating/managing a big SAAS or website or mobile app is a piece of cake.

  161. Directory listing of job titles and job descriptions, how many years of experience would be best etc. The best idea for HR professionals, HR agencies, and HR companies.

  162. Directory listing of curated links of partner directories, be a software expert partner directories, SAAS, or software setup/installation, partner. Filterable by industry, and country.

  163. Directory listing of famous cartoons, dramas, and shows country-wise, year-wise, and language-wise famous. Users can also submit and request about a specific country, show type, etc. Best for those who want to learn multiple languages, and diversity/variety lovers. The best idea for vloggers, tourists, and travelers.

  164. Directory listing of curated links of manuals, user guides, documentation, PDF links of apps, software, devices, etc.

  165. Directory listing of plugins, libraries, frameworks, new versions, releases, etc. Filterable by frameworks, and programming languages. Also mention what packages are compatible with the latest specific framework or programming language version. The best example can be, what package versions are compatible with a specific version of Django etc.

  166. Directory listing of same scenes, music tone in different movies, movie industries, lookalike scenes, dress look, music tone, etc. Filterable by genre, scene type, country, gender, personality/movie name, etc.

  167. Directory listing of curated links of directories of individual or freelance services providers. You can curate social media groups/pages as well. Filterable by industry, service type, country, etc.

  168. Directory listing of curated links of state-wise, country-wise companies registry, societies, and associations.

  169. Directory listing of curated classified websites or business directories where it is allowed to add or promote business for free; country, niche, city-wise. Better to mention what type of contact details are available like mobile, telephone, social media links, websites, phone, email addresses, etc. If the business directory is niche or industry-specific, also mentioned that. Get a list of 1000 business/member directory websites now.

  170. Directory listing of curated links having information about Ph.D. researchers, students, and scholars. Best for educational purposes to learn and study about the development in different industries, sectors, etc. Get 100+ links.

  171. Directory listing of curated links of social media groups, pages including Facebook, discord, twitch, etc niche, subject, professions, industry-specific. Better to mention how many members, the requirements for joining, etc. Public or special permissions are required.

  172. Curated directory listing of best things country-wise, state-wise, city-wise, etc like food, tourist places, curries, snacks, chocolates, hospitals, systems such as education system, construction systems, etc. The best idea for travelers, tourists, education consultants, etc.

  173. Curated directory listing of affiliate programs offered by different platforms for just viewing only. If possible, add terms and conditions links; assets’ links without login, and add references to sources. Must follow rules and laws.

  174. Directory listing of physical training centers, colleges for professional courses, therapy, real estate license schools certifications; fitness trainer construction courses; driving, etc. Also mention the fees, courses list, do they provide online courses, etc. Country-wise, industry-wise filterable, searchable. The best idea for affiliate marketers, and industry-specific services-providing companies.

  175. Directory listing of guidance, NGOs, charities; country, city-wise related to protect or help sex workers’ rights; training courses, skills/courses for them. Better if multilingual.

  176. Directory listing of brands, branches, franchises, and dealers worldwide. Better to either curate or provide information and procedures on how to buy franchisees, dealerships, requirements, etc. Let’s say someone wants to buy a dealership or franchise of some brand in New York. The best idea for market researchers, business consultants, investment bankers, etc. Also curate what brands, existing or new, offer dealerships, and franchise opportunities in what area, country, etc.

  177. Curated directory listing of authentic coupons, deals websites; country, niche specific.

  178. Directory listing of malls, kids entertainment places, etc; country, city, state wise. Same for female/males/grandparents tourists places. Better to share or curate links of information about criteria, fees, timings, eligibility criteria, etc. The best idea for tourists, consultants, etc.

  179. Directory listing of career links of schools in the USA, schools in the UK, schools in Australia, etc. Same for colleges, universities, etc. The best idea for education consultants, immigration consultants, teachers, trainers, etc. You can also create a curated listing of careers in hospitals etc. Get a list of 10000+ websites of schools in the USA, and schools in the UK.

  180. Directory listing of gestures, signs in different languages, and their meanings. Also, create a similar listing for common terms but different meanings in different languages.

  181. Mega updated curated directory listing of internet/websites top-level domains, and custom domains. Also mention what these domains relate to. There is a variety of domains (product-based, city-based, country-based) of which several peoples are not aware. Some of the domains are: .capetown, .life, .ai, etc.

  182. Curated directory listing of digital marketing agencies’ career links. Get a list of thousands of digital marketing agencies’ website links.

  183. Curated mega directory listing of all the software/SAAS affiliate programs, filtered by affiliate software so that new affiliates can find out the opportunities and joining links in one place. Would be better if it is easy to find on your website what affiliate programs support non-Paypal payment methods, eligibility criteria, requirements, etc.

  184. Directory listing of market valuation, market share of organizations/companies; industry-wise, country-wise, year-wise who is a big player in what year, etc. You can also create charts and different file formats. The best idea for market researchers, data analysts, students, etc.

  185. Directory listing of software installation tutorials, yes only installations and how to install tutorials or Prerequisites. Software by industry, category, etc. Get suggestions from your users as well, step-by-step tutorials. Get a list of thousands of SAAS/Software website links.

  186. A curated listing of directory listings of real estate companies and real estate brokers, agents, etc. Filterable by countries, and state.

  187. Directory listing of business setup companies; country-wise, industry-wise, etc. Better to have a curated list of their services and prices or at-least links.

  188. Directory listing of only individual consultants of any niche i.e. immigration, business setup, SAP, technology, industry, etc. Searchable by country, language, community, etc. You can also add a directory listing of speakers. Through your website or you may add a link from where users can invite/connect with a speaker for corporate training etc.

  189. Directory listing of stats of different ethnicity, race, nationalities, community, and how many peoples of different ethnicities live in different countries around the world, states, and cities. Different charts would be very helpful for the presentation of data in a variety of forms. Single page app would be great for such an idea. Wikipedia can be a great source for such information. The best idea for data analysts, market researchers, etc.

  190. Directory listing of different markets, physical locations/addresses of different cultures, nationalities, and communities in foreign countries i.e. Spanish or African markets in California or London, etc.

  191. Directory listing of different famous tourist places in different countries of the world such as oxford street in London. Add physical location addresses. What food restaurants and shops are available?

  192. Directory listing of implemented directory listing ideas and startup ideas suggested above. Share the URL, country where implemented, the experience, the change, growth, and success after implementation.

  193. Directory listing of website builders, bots (chat bots, social media bots), etc.