Generating Startup Ideas: 2 Effective Methods and Exploring the Reasons Why Some People Share Their Ideas While Others Don’t

During my life, I have seen hundreds of people, and there are millions of people in this world who have the expertise, knowledge, skills, and talent to generate online business start-ups ideas but are unable to generate business startup ideas that can create a business for them, make them their boss, give them freedom from working for someone else, make their money and make their life financially stress free and help the world.

Reasons Why People Don’t Share Startup Ideas

Unable to Generate Ideas

In daily life routines, people have trapped themselves in so many family emotions, job problems, and life’s necessities that their minds almost all the time revolve around such problems and small matters, keeping them busy and wasting their energy and skills.

Feeling Depressed and Discontented

No matter what your current situation is, no matter how’s your life going, staying contented and thankful all the time will bring improvement and success in your life. You see several people even in your friend circle, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and even other people around you who despite being successful, having every facility and blessing still think about small problems, degrading themselves, and feeling depressed by either comparing themselves with others or just creating negative thoughts and negative energy in themselves, hence unable to think beyond that look for the better opportunities, think at big scale.

Insecurity of Cheating and Low Share in Return

Insecurity of cheating and low share in return. Where there are good cooperative founders, investors, and partners at the start of the startup at the same time there are founders cum investors who have cunning thoughts of overtaking the partner either by cheating, discouraging, or underestimating. Not all founders are the same but still due to such insecurity peoples avoid sharing ideas.

Insecurity of Ideas gets stolen. It’s true that just having a startup idea without implementation is just a dream and you might be the better and core person for the better execution and completion of your idea but still there is a doubt of what if the idea gets stolen, hence better to keep it secret.

Insecurity of rejections and other people, other people first, the most common viral problem in the current society. Several talented minds are still affected by these negative mental perceptions i.e. what people will think? Is my idea valid? What if people will make fun of and laugh? Will my idea get rejected?

Job Pressure, Dirty Revenge, and Victimization at Workplace

Not all the time at every workplace but Yes, practical, experienced, and realistic. There are several times such incidents have happened. The moment you start discussing, brainstorming your ideas, share your creativity, the negative vibes of colleagues, the workplace starts attracting you in the shape of keeping you busy by giving over and extra workloads, overtime shifts, unnecessary insults, and taunts, backbiting, anger which affect your creativity. Hence better to not share with irrelevant people at irrelevant places and before a suitable time.

02 Ways to Generate Startup Ideas

I am also a common person like you, even though many of you might be more capable, and intellectual than me so if I can generate business startup ideas then why not you guys can do it, even if you can do better than me? Who knows after reading this motivational article your hidden talent can come forward and you start working on that and bring better change. You may follow the same procedures that I do.

Meeting People

Here meeting people does not necessarily mean enjoying and having fun with your friends, and colleagues and just wasting your time. I meet, and interact with people from every walk of life; listen to them, and discuss with them, their problems, and the difficulties they face during their jobs, business, or even during their daily life. I discuss with them how they solve, what’s the current solution they are availing or available whether it is beneficial completely or not. I watch and listen to the problems which then knock on the doors of my mind to generate opportunities through a solution.

Observance, Creative & Critical Thinking

Don’t waste your all-time in just listening to music, or watching movies until and unless you don’t achieve a fruitful outcome. Don’t be the complaining person of the society and system who just complains, feels and spread negative vibes. Be the person who can contribute, and guide for betterment. Observe society, the systems from transport to logistics, education to construction, etc, believe me, there are thousands of problems that can be solved and simplified through great minds, ideas, technology, and solutions.

Whenever I visit any office, place, or travel; or come across any process, in the system even while sitting in the toilet or taking bath, I do my critical thinking and analysis for the possibilities based on 5W1H. Instead of talking uselessly and wasting time, I ask myself some questions such as what can be done to make it better? What opportunities including employment can be created if such problems are solved? Why something is still being done manually or in a hectic way? How technology can make it better instead of manually hectic? How and what manual steps can be reduced to make the process efficient? The feelings of doing and keeping the brain busy in the such analysis are contented.

Watch out for the manual, hectic, and tedious in-between hurdles and dependencies, and then think about the replacement through technology and automation. I have seen tons of manual, useless dependencies and manual processes which take days to months though they can be reduced to seconds and minutes through simple technology.

It is true that an idea without implementation is just a dream but generating an idea and then structuring it in a semantic way for better execution are also good efforts.

Reasons Why I Share Ideas

Whether it be any startup idea mobile, web-based, or YouTube video ideas, several people ask me why do you share startup ideas. Some ask because of their curiosity, and willingness to know; some ask to taunt and laugh at me and my ideas; and claim in a grumpy way that if such ideas may be worth millions then why would someone be sharing for free and openly or why not you just make them and become rich by yourself, quickly or get quick rich overnight. So, instead of answering them individually, I decided that through this article all their doubts and curiosity whether negative or positive can be answered, all together and at once.

Too Many Ideas to Be Implemented By A Single Person

You might be thinking why not I just implement these ideas and become rich, why do I have to share them? well, the answers are simple, I get so many ideas that it is not possible for me as a single person or two to implement and manage all of them from development to marketing, etc. What is the benefit of thinking about solutions if you are unable to implement them, I don’t want to be called a dreamer my whole life, so, it’s better to keep things distributed, moving, and feel the happiness of ideas getting implemented. If I can’t implement the ideas, better to share the idea.

Sharing is Caring

If I am blessed with such qualities then why not just share knowledge, and ideas with other people and society? I believe the solutions to problems and the creation of opportunities are more important. It’s better to share knowledge with the world, guide others, and help the world instead of being greedy, limiting knowledge to yourself, and then dying. After-all sharing is caring and the blessings of returning to society and people are enormous, at least humanity will be benefited.

If I will neither implement nor share, someone else will one day be able to generate an idea and solve the problems because I am not the only person who can generate the idea to solve the specific problem. There are millions of problems and millions of survivors similarly anyone can either stand from the survivors or be the one who will notice and work on that. So, it’s better to get the happiness and blessings of sharing than to regret.

Better Implementation of Raw Ideas

There is always space for improvement and betterment. Keeping that in mind, I share many ideas which may not be fully mature from every perspective, I may not have deep insights about the industry to which the startup idea belong or the pros and cons of the idea but still, I share whatever I think may be possible or could improve the system and society positively. Who knows, there might be thousands of industry experts, wantrepreneur, and students who can improve or polish that raw idea and implement it which in return solve the problems of thousands of peoples. Who knows there might be millions of people desperately waiting or dreaming for such an idea to be implemented or exist in real life. It’s really hard to know and realize all the problems of millions of people. So instead of thinking and asking too much, wasting time in ambiguity, I just share the idea and leave it open to all the genius, creative minds all around the world. There might be a possibility that a small seed-level concept or idea can be the reason for some other big and creative startup ideas which can help millions of people and bring millions of opportunities, create new industries and revolutionize the world. Possibilities can be endless. It might be possible that your raw idea can become a single dot of someone’s connecting dots.

Hope you found this article helpful. Please do let us know your views about this article in the comments section below.